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Medical lead injectable aesthetics with nurse prescriber, Emma

We have been working with EK Aesthetics for nearly five years to provide injectable aesthetic treatments, delivered by experienced medical professionals, in the heart of Witney. We believe that injectable treatments, such as anti-ageing injectables (Botox) and dermal filler, should ALWAYS be performed by a medical professional in a clinical environment. Emma and her team run weekly clinics at LA Perfection to deliver the following treatments:​

  • Anti-ageing injections (Botox)

  • Dermal filler

  • Profhilo skin rejuvenation

  • Medical grade skin peels

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Deso fat dissolving injections

  • Weight loss injections

  • Vitamin B12 injections

  • Biotin injections
  • HArmonyCA hybrid dermal filler
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Botulinum toxin is used to temporarily block the nerve signal to the muscle to stop the muscle contracting. Our advanced specialists with many years of experience create bespoke treatment plans for results with long lasting results, delivered safely.

The most commonly treated areas are the upper face, frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow feet. More specialist treatments include gummy smiles and jawline slimming and the Nefertiti neck lift.

Nurse prescriber Emma Kelliher and her team, from EK Clinic, use the most trusted brands and are all highly qualified and skilled.


At LA Perfection, our medical professionals from EK Aesthetics only use premium products such as Juvederm and Teoxane. Common treatments include lip, cheek and chin augmentation, reduction of nose to mouth lines, jawline contouring and slimming and tear trough treatment for hollows and dark circles.

Treatment planning is essential in respect of dermal fillers, we recommend booking a free consultation with one of our medical professionals who will create a bespoke treatment plan.​

Book a free consultation or treatment today.

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Profhilo is an injectable Hyaluronic acid which spreads throughout the skin causing stimulation of your own natural collagen and elastin.

It is indicated for those affected by skin laxity and patients can expect increased firmness and over all improvement in skin quality. 

Treatment areas include the face, neck, hands and inner arms. With your initial course, it is recommended 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Results are maintained with 1 treatment every 6-9 months.

Book a free consultation or treatment today.


Fibrovein is FDA approved for the treatment of small spider leg veins. The sclerosant is injected into the veins resulting in the vein collapsing and clearing over the forthcoming weeks. We recommend the wearing of support hosiery for 3-7 days. Full aftercare advice will be given at consultation.

Nurse prescriber Emma Kelliher and her team from EK Clinic, are all highly qualified, experienced nurses and use the most trusted products for excellent results.

Book a free consultation or treatment today.

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Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that helps to keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy, and helps to make DNA. The body cannot make B12, it must be obtained obtained from our diet, which is becoming increasingly difficult due to modern food production methods. Deficiency can cause many health issues - a simple injection can help to maintain optimum vitamin B12 levels giving many benefits.​​

May improve mood, increase energy levels, improve brain function, supports healthy hair, skin and nails and may support bone health and prevent osteoporosis.


The gold standard treatment of facial vessels and benign skin lesions. Physioskin is one of the worlds most advanced technologies in respect of thread vein removal offering quick, safe and permanent results. Your treatment regime will be discussed at the consultation. Often 1 treatment is enough with no further follow up. In some cases, a treatment regime of 1-3 treatments is recommended spaced 4-6 weeks apart. 

We can also treat milia and skin tags using this technology and these are costed on an individual basis.

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Emma Kelliher qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 2001. In 2008 she started her aesthetic career on Harley Street and has worked full-time in aesthetics for 12 years. Emma was a CQC registered manager for one of the largest national UK cosmetic non-surgical providers for 10 years. Her knowledge of the non-surgical and cosmetic surgery industry is vast and has been gained from years of experience. She is an NMC registrant and holds a V300 Prescribers Qualification. Emma is fully insured with a specialist insurer and all details can be provided on request.

Emma holds a post with Cosmetic Courses teaching medical aesthetics to other medical professionals. She regularly works alongside expert peers ensuring her knowledge and expertise is kept up to date. EK Clinic has a medical director ensuring safety and quality in an ever-changing industry.

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Emma is fantastic and a credit to the profession. Honest and professional advice and will treat to suit the patient rather than her own personal gains.

I have recommended many people to Emma and they have felt exactly the same and been equally as pleased with the results of any treatments.


I first visited Emma based on a recommendation from a friend and I have to say she is very open and honest about what will actually work for you and look good.

At my first treatment she made me feel very comfortable and talked through every stage and since then never looked back and very happy that I received the recommendation.


Emma is totally professional and has been looking after me and my face for over 9 years. I trust her completely and I get amazing results. I never feel under pressure or rushed and know she is giving me the most up to date information in this fast changing world.

I am very happy to recommend Emma and look forward to my next treatment.

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