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Deep exfoliation to clear, smooth and brighten skin

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skincare specialists using innovative ingredients and advanced delivery systems. The result is a range of cosmeceutical products that use cutting edge clean science to help those with a variety of different skin conditions and concerns. 

Here at LA Perfection, we offer Alumier skin peels and use Alumier professional products in our Bespoke Facials, Hydro-Pro & Dermaplaning treatments for visible results. Our trained therapists can create a bespoke AlumierMD home skincare routine for you which you can access on a unique online platform. Book a treatemtn or free skin consultation to see what we can do for you.


AlumierMD Glow Peel

£140 Course of 6 £700

The Alumier Glow Peel combines lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol to create a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues. This skin peel reduces age spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone.

Our Alumier Glow Peel facial does this by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating cell renewal. In order to suit your skin’s needs, we can tailor this skin peel by strength.

AlumierMD Radiant 30 Peel

£80 Course of 6 £400

An AHA (30 % Lactic acid) medical grade peel. Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells, hydrates and brightens the skin. It will increase cell turnover and resurface the skin resulting in a radiant complexion.

AlumierMD Radiant 20/10 Peel

£80 Course of 6 £400

This resurfacing Alumier facial skin peel contains a powerful combination of lactic and salicylic acid. It works to improve skin tone and texture by exfoliating dead skin cells and speeding up cell turnover.

Our multipurpose 20/10 resurfacing skin peel also helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This will leave your skin clear and radiant.


Alumier Skin Peels give a lot of bang for their buck! This results driven, pain-free facial will clear pores, remove dead skin cells and kick start collagen production to smooth, clear and rejuvenate.



A thorough cleanse using a gentle cleanser tailored to your skin type and condition, preparing your skin for the peel.



Your skin therapist will apply the Alumier Peel that is right for your skin and desired outcome.

Depending on the type of peel and skin tolerance, your therapist may apply a second layer for deep exfoliation.





If needed, Detox Clear will be applied to any outbreaks to help to target spots and pimples.



Your therapist will choose a targeted mask to rehydrate and nourish your skin.



Targeted skin products including a serum, moisturiser and SPF are applied, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.


To achieve the best results, we recommend using a bespoke homecare routine, using Alumier Skincare products, prescribed by your highly trained therapist. We offer free skin consultations where we will discuss your current routine, lifestyle and skin needs before prescribing Alumier homecare products. We will set you up on an online portal where you can see your prescriptions, order products and learn about product ingredients and benefits. We believe in educating people about skincare so that you can understand how and why they work.



What Pre-Care Steps Do I Need To Take?

Please do not use any retinol, retinoids, exfoliation or acid products for 48 hours prior to treatment. This includes AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. It is important that you inform the clinic of any medication or medical health changes before your appointment. Please come makeup-free and do not carry out hair removal of any kind on the treatment area for one week before.

What is the downtime?

With our Radiant 20/10 Peel, the skin may look slightly pink after. With the Glow Peel, skin may look red and resemble sunburn. You may experience shedding after your first treatment.

What aftercare is required?

t is important that you do not touch, pick or scratch the skin after treatment. That evening, please do not cleanse or use any creams and perfumed products. You should also avoid fake tan. Use a clean pillowcase. The next day you may lightly cleanse with a non-perfumed cleanser and apply an SPF. Please use the post-procedure kit provided by your therapist. Avoid retinol, exfoliants and acid for 48 hours.

Does hair grow back thicker?

No, this is physically impossible. The soft vellous hair will grow back slowly, usually within 4 weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone's skin is different, however we recommend 3-6 sessions for clinical improvement.

What areas can be treated?

Dermaplaning is performed on the face only. we cannot treat the eyelids, neck or chest.



After suffering with adult acne and trying many different products, I came to LA Perfection in a desperate state. I hvae had 3 treatmenrts from a course of 6 and I'm using Alumier skincare. I cannot believe the difference already and can't wait to see the full result.


I came to LA Perfection with a lot of visible sun damage on my face. I had a combination of laser treatments and skin peels and my pigmentation is pretty much gone, as well as my skin feeling smoother and my pores are less visible.


I suffer with large pores and monthly outbreaks so I've been having a skin peel once a month which makes a massive difference. My pores are much tighter and i have fewer outbreaks.


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